Restoring Integrity and Trust in Elections

Who We Are

Our Mission

Voting is both a cherished right and a sacred responsibility. It must be available to all eligible citizens who have registered to vote in accordance with the rule of law. The United States Constitution vests primary responsibility for establishing “the times, places, and manner” of holding elections with the Legislatures of the respective States, many of which have State constitutional provisions that also govern voting procedures. Restoring Integrity and Trust in Elections (“RITE”) is a  501(c)(4) non-profit organization with the mission of protecting the rule of law in the qualifications for, process and administration of, and tabulation of voting in the United States. 


RITE recognizes that state legislatures exercising their constitutional responsibility have wide latitude to establish election procedures, and that the Constitution neither requires nor anticipates identical rules in every state. Nevertheless, certain groups have undertaken to rewrite state election laws in the courts to achieve partisan advantage. RITE will provide resources to oppose those efforts when they seek to undermine legitimate provisions, and when appropriate to enforce constitutional standards against voting laws and procedures that threaten or dilute the right of qualified citizens to vote.

What We Are Fighting For

  • Defending duly-enacted state laws that protect and promote the integrity of our elections
  • Ensuring equal protection under the law for all voters
  • Promoting intrastate uniformity in the elections process
  • Opposing laws that threaten or dilute the right of qualified citizens to vote
  • Opposing unlawful executive and administrative actions related to voting
  • Advocating for the right of states to set their own election procedures


Our Board of Directors

Bobby Burchfield

Chairman of the Board

Bobby R. Burchfield is a co-founder, with Karl Rove, of Restoring Integrity and Trust in Elections, Inc., and currently serves as RITE’s Chairman and interim President/Chief Executive Officer.


William P. Barr

Board Member

A native New Yorker, William P. Barr earned his A.B. and M.A. degrees at Columbia University. He obtained his J.D. with highest honors at night from George Washington University, while working full time at the Central Intelligence Agency.

Jerry Hunter

Board Member

Jerry M. Hunter is Senior Counsel with the law firm of Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP.  






Join Our Efforts

Voting is both a cherished right and a sacred responsibility. It must be available to all eligible citizens who have registered to vote in accordance with the rule of law.

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Dr. Oz is a Gun Owner, Hunter, and Second Amendment Advocate

As a proud gun owner and sportsman, I believe every law-abiding American should be allowed to buy a gun of their choice, and I’ve pledged that I will support legislation in the U.S. Senate that protects our right to keep and bear arms. I do not support red flag laws or any measures that infringe on the Second Amendment and will oppose such laws in the Senate. I have been a proud gun owner for many years and is a firm believer in the Second Amendment.

Dr. Oz is Trump’s Energy Independence Candidate

I support fracking and American energy independence. I’ve been very clear about what Joe Biden and his administration need to do to unlock Pennsylvania and America’s full energy potential. That’s why President Donald Trump, his Energy Secretary Rick Perry, and both Interior Secretaries Ryan Zinke and David Bernhardt have endorsed my campaign. Oil and Gas Pioneer Harold Hamm has also endorsed my campaign.

Dr. Oz is a Scientist

Unlike Fauci, I follow science. As a doctor, I’m well aware of the high suicide rates for transgender individuals. I’ve also been vocal about the negative and long-term ramifications that woke teachers and corporate America has on young children when they, for example, push a five-year-old biological male to want to be a girl. 


As a television show host, I engaged in open conversations with everyone who appeared on my show, which was a successful health platform for 13 seasons and allowed people to express different perspectives

Dr. Oz is a Global Health Leader

USANA is a publicly-traded American company that manufactures products in the U.S. for American consumers and manufactures products in China for that market. 


As your next Senator for Pennsylvania, I will be tough on China and any of our geopolitical adversaries. China and COVID opened so many eyes In the United States to the seriousness of our supply chain issues, our reliance on adversaries, and the need to move production of so many critical things back here to the United States.

Dr. Oz is 100% Pro-Life and believes life begins at conception

I believe life begins at conception. I am strongly pro-life, and I’ve been very vocal about this for years. As a heart surgeon, I spent my whole career saving lives. I’ve held a baby’s tiny beating heart in his hand, and at that very moment, it is impossible to deny how precious every life is.

Dr. Oz is a Principled Conservative

I am an America First conservative who has been endorsed by President Trump and Sean Hannity because of my strong stance on the issues that matter most to the conservative movement – I’m Pro-Life, tough on crime, strong on border security, a defender of election integrity, a supporter of our military and our heroic veterans, in favor of keeping taxes low and regulation limited, a believer in school choice and parental rights, and a proud champion of the Second Amendment.